Spoken English Courses



You can walk down any busy street in Chattogram and find adverts for SPOKEN ENGLISH courses at coaching centres. But when you register for classes, you discover that the only person in the classroom speaking is the teacher! The students get no practice and never build their confidence!

At Chattogram Language Institute, it’s all completely different. In our courses, you will speak every lesson. You will get loads of practice and, although you may feel nervous at first, you will steadily become more and more confident!

Why do we insist on students speaking together in English? Because language is all about practice. If a teacher instructs you in the classroom about how to swim, that does not mean you can jump into the deep end of a pool. You’ll drown! You need practice to be able to swim. And it’s exactly the same with speaking a foreign language!

Come and see us. You’ll get opportunities to speak and practice your skills!

Contact Us

Email: info@cli.bd.net
Telephone number: 01761-497676
Address: 754-827 Mehdibag Road,
Opposite National Hospital, 3rd floor,
Office hours: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
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